What Are The Disadvantages Of Solar Energy?

The present times lay an increased thrust on using renewable sources of energy. This is to reduce carbon footprint and also to preserve the renewable sources which will run out soon if exploited unreservedly. Solar energy is one of the renewable energy sources. It has many benefits such as clean, eco-friendly, lower operational cost etc. But there are some flip sides as well. Let’s take a look at them-

The first stumbling block in using solar energy is exorbitant cost of installing solar power devices such as solar panels. There are subsidy programs, tax credits and rebate incentives available, much progress have not been made in exploiting it to full extent.

Availability of sunlight is not ample in all locations. Houses which are overshadowed by trees and landscape swill not be able to tap it properly. Regions that remain cloudy and foggy for most part of the year will see a sluggish rate in electricity generation.

The photo voltaic cells present in the solar panels that convert sun’s heat and light into electricity are made up of silicon and other toxic metals like mercury, lead and cadmium. Moreover, the efficiency of the cells can decrease in polluted environments.

Solar panels cannot berated very high as per their efficiency. They have efficiency rate of 40% on an average. Consequently, 60% of the sunlight gets wasted and is not harnessed. Advanced panels are being manufactured that have an efficiency rate up to 80 %.But their cost will be skyrocketing.

Solar panels can not operate at night time. You need to have a battery system which will store sun’s energy and us edit during the sunless stretches. Or you have to get your system tied to the grids to draw power at such times.





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