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Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

The air ducts ina house could be one of the major sources of air pollutioninside the house. The Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) has rated indoor air pollution as the fourthgreatest threat to the Americans. The ducts in your house also suck in contaminant such as, dirt, dust, debris, mites, bacteria, and mold spores. If you keep the ducts uncleaned for years then they will develop a matted layer of dust which becomesthe breeding ground of molds. If not cleaned on regular intervals, the dust and debris can find their place in the air of yourlivingspace. Some ducts are also frequented by rats and other vermin. They are full of pet dander, urine, and droppings. If not cleaned, these can cause severe diseases to people living inside. Ideally ductsshould undergo professional cleaning after every three to five years. Here are the benefits of duct cleaning:

Clean up the indoor air:The presence of pollutants in the indoor air is almost 70% more than outdoor air. Duct cleaning is the most efficient way of removing airborne contaminants such as bacteria, fungus, mold spores, pet dander,& pollen. Air infested with these can be the cause of allergies and asthma.

Boost efficiency of your HVAC system: According to the EPA, a dust layer of .042 inches can compromise the efficiency of the machine by 21%. The machine as a result will work hard to produce the same output. This will lead to steeper power bill.

Increase lifespan of the system- It has often been found, that most repairs of air conditioners are required due to failurescaused by dirt and dust. Inside the air handler there are fans which keep the heat exchanger cool. Dusty fans cannot run at the best speed. Accumulated dirt and debris can reduce the CFM (cubic feet of air per minute) as much as 50%. Dirt ducts will cause the system to wear and tear at a faster rate. So cleaning is useful to ensure a good life- span for you HVAC.

How much does duct cleaning cost?

The average cost of duct cleaning can range between$300 and $500. The cost is dependent on a number of factors like number of ductsin your house, the size of our home, configuration of ductsand many ore. You will often find offers like$99 or $50 for comprehensive cleaning of ducts. These will generally reach as mailers or coupons. It is always wise to avoid these lowball offers. These are gimmicks used by unscrupulous service providers to get inside your door and trick you into a deal about cleaning your ducts. Once theystart and finish the job they will pile up the cost with extracharges. Some houses end up spending over $600 to such services. You should know that cleaning the ducts is not a part of your HVAC maintenance. You have to contacta reputed professional service provider of duct cleaning to get your ducts cleaned.

Disclaimer: Although above rates are typical average rates that can be seen across USA, they can vary in certain areas depending upon city and the variables associated with each individual project.

How to select a duct cleaning service provider?

Peep into their background: Always undertake a one-to-one interviewwithrepresentatives of the company to crosscheck their background, expertise, and experience. Ask them about how long they have servedclients for duct cleaning. Know about theirexperience, viz. the type of work they have done,if they have encountered and overcome challenges to accomplish aprojectsuccessfully. Always ask them for referrals of their past clients. Take out time to call these clientsandknowtheir experience with the service provider. You canalso ask your friends or acquaintances to recommend you a good ductcleaning provider, who have successfully worked in their premises.

Size up the reputation of the company.
It is importantto know the market standing of the cleaning company. Check out if there are customer complaints. If any, how grave they are?You can contact the consumer care organization in your area to know about these.

Determine if the air duct cleaning company has insurance. Checkout the credentials of the company. Many states of the US offer duct cleaning license. Ask your service provider to show you the license if they have any. It is veryimportant for the company to have liabilityinsurance to protect you incase it causes any damage to your systemwhile undertaking the cleaning.

Selectin company that is registered with National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA).
It is your best bet about choosing areliablecompany. They will abide bythe rues stipulated byNADCA to safely evaluate, clean, and restore Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems. You can call NADCA at (856) 380-6810 or visit their website (

Some companies propose using chemicals on your ducts to wash off bacteria and active mold growth. These procedures may bring results but can cause healthhazards too. Ask them to show mold growth in your ducts. Any blackpatch does not standfor mold. You have to take small part of the patch on a sticky tape and send it to a microbiologicallaboratory to confirm whether it is mold. As for using chemicals always know the side-effects it can cause. It is highlyrecommended to use a chemicalaccordingto theregulationsunderlined on the label.

Always askthe company to document the scope of theircleaning program. They should take out all the components and clean them. They should spruce the ducts of all dirt. A little spec of dirt left on the ducts would soon cause them to be laden withit. It will be a sheer waste of money. They should also check your system for existing asbestos. In such cases they have to carry out special procedures. They should takeenough careto protectpeopleand pets livingin the house from getting contaminated with dust which will be loosened from the duct linings. They should also take care not to damagefurnishings and carpets. They should seal and plug holes caused during cleaning.

Rates are very import. You should not end paying exorbitantly for cleaning your ducts. Get in touch with a couple of companies, at least three.Request them for quotes. Compare them and select the best one.

Time is precious to everyone It will not be helpful to hire acompany which willtake long time to clean the ducts. A reasonable time of several hours or some days is fine.You may need to make an arrangement to shift elsewhere when they carry outthecleaning.

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