Solar Thermal Heating And Cooling Advantages And Disadvantages

 No energy source can be called perfect. Each of these has its merits as well as demerits too. The same can be said of solar thermal energy. Let’s take a look-

Solar thermal: Pros

• It is absolutely renewable. It does not depend on any fuel for generation of heat. It taps it from the sun.
• As you do not need to combust any fuel to generate heat, it is essentially clean in nature. It has a minimal carbon foot print.
• It can be produced onsite and distributed inherently.
• The process of using this energy source is quite simple.
• Solar thermal energy can be harnessed maximally in the day time. They will run the absorption chillers very efficiently in the day time when you need them the most on account of surging temperature and humidity levels.

• The operational cost is nearly zero.
• They are very quiet. The absorption chillers or solar heaters have least moving parts. They are least subject to a wear a tear and are therefore durable.
• It is mature technology being clean, efficient, renewable, and least damaging to the environment.
• It is a good return on investment, as it can help to cut down you energy costs to a great extent.
• It can be combined with photovoltaic systems for efficient cogeneration of energy.
• The purchaser is entitles to get federal tax credits that will lower upfront cost. Besides this there are local incentives.


• These are intermittent sources of generating heat as there will be fluctuations in their efficiency depending on the availability of sun’s heat and light. These will diminish at night or on cloudy days.
• They have low energy density
• Solar thermal systems do not produce electricity.
• You will need backup systems on days when sun’s heat and light is not available adequately. Maintaining the backup systems and running them during sunless stretches is expensive.
• Installation of sola heaters is expensive compared to conventional heaters.

• The process of manufacturing solar heaters and chillers can create pollution
• It is difficult to get expert installer for solar heaters and absorption chillers
• These are not very efficient to store excess heat.
• They produce low grade energy.
• They have limited scalability
• Their efficiency is dependent on the location of the house and its orientation.
• The gadgets have many components and therefore maintenance cost can be higher for specific designs.



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