Solar Photovoltaics Advantages And Disadvantages

Solar photovoltaics (PV cells) are used to convert sun’s heat and energy into electricity. The solar panels that are mounted on the roof are composed of an array of these cells. The electricity generated by these cells through photovoltaic effect is used to run appliances.


• This is a clean source of energy that does not need burning fuels. The process of production of electricity does not lead to emission of any greenhouse gases.
• PV systems can be used to generate electricity in all locations.
• They produce electricity directly from the sun’s energy which is available in abundance.
• The technology has high scope of improvement in future. Various types of PV cells are being made to improve efficiency.
• Having least moving parts, the PV systems are not subject to wear and tear and are long-lasting.
• They produce electricity silently without any noise pollution.

• They require little or no transmission
• They are good enough to run air conditioners. Moreover their efficiency is higher in peak summer months, when the sun’s heat is intense.
• They require minimal maintenance compared to other renewable systems.
• Grants and incentives are available from the government install PV systems.
• The prices of solar panels are on a reducing track, which is very good news to homeowners who are keen to switch to renewable sources of energy,
• There are easy to install on rooftops without much interference to one’s lifestyle.


• PV systems are intermittent sources of generating power. They will not be efficient at nigh times or on sunless days.
• They are quite expensive to install. If you have a battery system then it will cost even more.
• You will need an inverter to convert the DC power generated by the PV cells into AC power.
• If you want a round-the-clock supply of power, your system should be tied to the grid or have battery backup.
• Photovoltaic cells are of various types. If you have the thin-film systems then these needs many exotic materials for functioning.

 • You need lots of space for installing solar panels on the roof or ground. The space should have clear exposure to sunlight.
• The systems are less efficient, say by 17 to 40%, in generating power compared to other renewable systems.
• Although PV pales have low maintenance cost, they are fragile and can be damaged relatively easily due to inclement weather or vandalism.



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