The Top Havac Systems

A standard and reliable HVAC system in every home and workplace is mandatory to makelifecomfortable and enjoyable inall seasons round-the –year. It will save you the hassle and moneyof getting them repaired frequently.

Here is quick look at the top brands of HVAC systems:

American Standard

American Standard has been rated by the consumers as one of the most reliable brands in the business. It gets fewer repair calls compared to other brands. You have a wide choice of models with different features to choose from. With a HVAC from AmericanStandard every moment you spend at home or work will be backed by excellent, reliable, and reasonable heating and air conditioning solutions. The company has been serving for more than 130 years and has been perfecting heating and cooling solutions to make your life more and more comfortable indoors. It’s is worth your money as you will get a value for it.

Here are some customer reviews of HVACs manufactured by American Standard:

Says a customer based in St. Louis, MO -

Peopleoftencomplainof leakingcoppercoil for HVACs manufactured by Americans Standard.That’s quite funny as these have coils made of aluminium. Theydo have an alternative as Ameristar to aluminium. The units will require a regular maintenance. Their compressor lasts for 10 to 12 years and theparts and coil can go up to 10 years.

Says a technician based in Riverside, CA-

These products from AmericanStandard are top-of-the line,


It was Willis Carrier who invented the first system for “manufactured weather”. The year was 1902, when he transformed the way we live andworkindoors. From that definingmoment to presenttimes, Carrier has been consistently delivering best-of-class and wide-range of heating and cooling solutions. The company is based on the legacy of innovationand has been serving millions of clients in 172countries across six continents. Their productsare made with stringent quality control. The material they use to make their product is of top quality. This implies that you pay an extra price for them. But believe it or not it is worth. You are sureto get more varieties with this brand than any others.

Here is what a few customershave to say about Carrierheating and cooling:

A customer from Sam Boca Raton Fl says-

The Carrier central AC not only cools the house but also keeps the utility billswithinreasonable limits. It's a low maintenance device, you need not do much to keep it running. Of course you need to change the air filters occasionally. You have to recharge it for Freon once in a year or two. If I am askedto suggest an AC to someone, I will highly recommend Carrier over any other type of air conditioning system. It is notonly the best for price and convenience, but also becauseit does not have any hassle of adjustingand upgrading.

Someone from Port St. Lucie says -

Webought a housein Florida with theCarriercentralAC already installed. The machine is five years old. It is reliable and dependable. Given the kind of climate in Florida it is quite a challenge to cool homes. In summer when temperature soarsabove 90 degrees for months on end, it is indispensable.


Although Goodman does not have the same brand image as Carrier or Trane, their products have solid built with great warranties. Yu can count ontheir productsand service. Best of all, Goodman heating and cooling products are more affordable. If you are looking for all three - affordability, durability, and optimum cooling comfort ina machine then Goodman is your best bet.

Let’s take a look at some customer feedbacksabout Goodman:

A customer from Sacramento, CA-

The Goodman unit came to our house in 2014. It was really hot then as it was summer. Installing the machine was a cakewalk. It is performing really well in cooling my 1300 square foot house. I had heard of good things about Goodman and I am glad that I made such an investment.

A customer from Winchester, MA-

I have owned a Goodman unit for 15 years. I have never faced any issue about it. It was able to survive the worst winters when it used to get covered in snow. But there were some issues, such as the unit was loud, the fan motor leaked a bit of oil once.


Trane is often called the Cadillac of HVAC machines. This is on account of its reliability. These are designed to make you comfortable day and night underextremetemperature without worrying much about the electric bills aswell. Thereare varieties of models. Besides easy installation, the AC is backed with a Trane warranty. The brandoffers a standard 10-year warranty which includes both parts and service charges. Although most customers find Trane products a bitpriceycompared to brand butthere goes an old saying “You get what you pay for.”

Here are some customer reviews:

Says a customer based in Charlestown, IN-

The AC unit have been manufactured in 2001, but we have been its owner since last three years. The machine looks perfectly spic and span. It is also efficient and silent in operation. It is absolutely pleasant inside when we operate it in summer. We live in a big house and the unit cools it quiteeffectively. We get it serviced by the company from time to time. We are planning to buya new unitand we will purchaseit from thesame brand. We will surely recommend it. .

Says Fran B. of Scottsdale, AZ

We installed this machine way back in 1993. It is still running with routinemaintenanceand without significant repairs. It is central air with a propane furnace. It smarty cools a 2300 square foot home.


Rheem is known for manufacturingproducts with latest technology. The performance of their products is absolutely superb along with great warranties and excellent service and support. This is the reason that Rheem is regarded as one of the best brands in the industry. They make strong casesfor all home owners.

Here is a customer feedback of Rheem:

A customer from White Post Virginia says-

I bought a Rheem RP15 5 ton HVACjust a few months ago. This was bought to replace a sixteen year old Rheem split system which gave up superb service. Our new system has a SEER rating of 15. It really saves on power bills. The exterior unit has a nice get up and polish and it offers noiseless operation. It successfully heats and cools our 3500 square foot home.


Lennox is one of the top known brands of cooling and heating units. The companystrives to make its equipmentmore and more efficient each year. You can buy models withremarkably high SEER levels like 23.5 on the Signature XP25 system. Theefficiency of their productsgoesup to98%. Another important feature of Lenox models is that their heating system can be operated with more than one type fuel. You can find models whichhaveboth heat pump and gas furnace. Surely, you will dig a deeper hole in you pocket due to this but you will save moneyover time.

Here is what some customers have to say about Lennox:

A customer from Denver, CO-

I've been an owner of a Lennox model for past couple of years. I am quite satisfied with it as I did not need to do any repair or maintenance yet. The installation also came free with the purchase. It is lot quieter than the older Lennox modes. But I would have been happier had it been a little moderate on price. I recommend it.

A customer from Tampa, FL-

I have owned my Lennox model since last three months. I am very happy with it. As soon as it is powered on the whole house is cooled within a short time. It also shuts off when it reaches the right temperature. This saves a good deal of energy.


If you are on strict budgetthen York isthe right brand for you. The company has threelines of products - the Latitude, the LX, and the Affinity. Latitude is the smallest and basic unit with an affordableprice. It has a SEER rating upto 14.5 SEER. The LX is alittle above it. The Affinity line offers a wide range of products between 13 and 18 SEER. The models arereallyquiet.

Here is what a customer from Whittier, CA has to say about his York model:

I have owned York model for more than 7 years. I did not do much maintenance or repair except for recharging it with Freon two times with a gap of two and half years. However, the Freon models will not be manufactured anymore. Therefore I will either need to replace it or upgrade it.


Ruud manufactures HVACs both for residential andcommercial use. Ruud products are said to be very durable. But what makes them stand out is the availability of theirparts in most corners of the United States and Canada. Warranty issues are resolved quickly and repairsare not very expensive.

Let’s see what customers say about Ruud units:

Fernando Moon from San Antonio, TX-

I had owner a GE unit for 21 years. Thereafter I replaced it with a Ruud unit. I've owned it since last 11 years. The unit is great. Till now there has been absolutely no problem.


If you are looking for heating and cooling solutions between 13 to 18 SEER ranges, then Amana is the best choice. You will not find very top-of-theline units. but price range is equallyproportional. They have nice warranty schemes and the compressors come with a Limited Lifetime Replacement warranty. This is really good.

Her are a few customer feedbacks of Amana:

Says Larry,

There are two Amana A/C-heating systems (a 4 ton and a 3 ton) in my house. They have been serving us since last 4.5 years. I am happy with their quality of service. So fair I did not do any major maintenance, except for cleaning the outside coils once a year and changing the filters once every 1.5 months.

Says Elizabeth L. from Houston TX-
My Amana 14 SEER AC is functioning very well without any problem.

Besides buying good heating and cooling system you will also need a good installer. Perfect installation of the system also plays a big role in ensuring its smooth and effective functioning.

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