How To Install And Maintain Solar Panels On The Roof?

Solar panels are best laid on the roof to capture the sun’slight and heat. The roofs are least likely to be guarded by shades that can obstruct the sun's rays to reach the panels. That is why almost 80% of solar installations take place on roofs. If you are about to install solar panels on the terrace contact an expert installer who has experience in such projects.

On average a good solar installation will generate power for another twenty years. However if you install a roof that is designed to last for 10 years, it will be hugelossin the investment you make to install the solar power system. Therefore ensure that your roof system is designed to last for a long time.A good rooftop can be warranted for 35 years. Use quality membrane son roof surface. These are the protective, waterproofing top layer of a roofing system.

The solar panels work more efficiently in cooler environments. The cooler membranes provide better electrical output. A good spot on the terrace should be selected which has a good exposure of the sun. The installer should determine your latitude tilt. You latitudinal position will decide degrees at which the panels have to be tilted towards the sun to capture maximum sunlight. The mounts should be placed at a distance of four feet from each other on the rafters.

Moreover all roofs are not designed totakeload of solar panels.The solar panels will invite heavy foot traffic during installation and maintenance.These things should reconsidered when installing directly attached panels. Some roof membranes are not compatible with solar panels. Your installer should ensure that your roof is solar- ready before they delve further in the project. Whether you have slate roof, tile roof or metal corrugated roof, care should be taken that no gaps are left when installing PV systems on the terrace. These gaps will lead to leakage.

Usually systems are mounted on brackets. These brackets are generally L-shaped. Sometimes holes are made in the roofs for the brackets to protrude from. The roof on which solar panel are to be installed should have proper drainage system. The rakes and wire harness from the system can hinder smooth draining of water.The water may start flowing in the wrong direction, causing a leak. Drains could get clogged due to disintegration of ballast from the tray. Repairing the roof with panels installed is a complex and costly affair.

 The solar panels being placedoutsidethe house and that too on roofs is subject thermal movement or wind/seismic events. The ballast should be properly installed so that the system does not move and shake. Taking precautions during installation will avoid many problems.

Roofs are constructed to be durablebutthey are not built be used as a construction site. However when installing solar panels, heavy panels will be dragged, membranes will beraked. These will take a toll on the health of the hardiest roofs. Therefore installers should take care about not dropping tools that can penetrate roof membranes. Debris should not be thrown here and there that can clog the drains or cause other problems.

Solar panels should be maintained from time to ensure that they function at their peak efficiency. Besides cleaning them when cluttered with debris or washing them with mild detergent and window brush, you should have a maintenance scheme for them.The service provider would send technicians to check and plug small snags in the system that may arise from time to time. This will extend the life span of the system and generate fewer repair bills.


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