How To Clean Dirty Evaporator Coils?

 Evaporator coils are important part for the proper functioning of air conditioner. Evaporator coils contain lots of dust and contaminants inside them. Cleaning the coils increases the efficiency of your air conditioner.

It is necessary to clean these coils annually. Cleaning the coils help the air conditioners to cool the room with less amount of energy.

Follow these simple steps to clean your evaporator coils:

 Step 1:

Cut the power of the air conditioner. Find the circuit panel which controls the unit and turn off the power.

Step 2:

Remove the metal tape which seals the coil panel. Remove the screws to loosen the access panel. Keep these panels and screws safely so that they are not lost or separated.

Step 4:

Use a small vacuum to clean the dirt or dust present in the coils. Pass the air from the coils in opposite way of normal air flow to push the dirt away from the air conditioner. Work yourself from top to bottom.

 Step 5:

Evaporator coils can be cleaned with the help of dish water and soaps. Spray the cleaner on the coil surface. Allow the cleaner to settle down for some time.

Spray water from inside to the outside. Use dry cloth to wipe off the surface. Before you spray cover the wires and machines with plastic

Step 6:

After cleaning the coils place the covers back. Tighten the screws and seal the coil panel with the help of metal tape and reassemble the unit.

 Heavy duty cleaning

If the coils are too dirty you have to clean them with the help of chemicals and pressure water. For this process you have to remove certain components of your ac unit.

If the cleaning does not pr coils are too dirty that they can damage the system you have to ask for professional help.

In order to keep yourself away from the problem of dirty evaporator purchase high quality filter and clean them regularly.




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