How To Clean Air Ducts?

 Procedure to clean air ducts

1. Before cleaning an air duct it is necessary turn of the heating or cooling device of your home.
2. It is Clean these air controlling device since they are responsible for pumping the air throughout the house
3. Unscrew the duct covers. Duct covers or vent registers are the grills attached to the opening.
4. Clean the duct covers (vents) with water or soaps, it is necessary to clean the vents since it is the last thing through which air passes before entering the room.
5. Connect the vacuum to the main trunk line. It is suggested to use the heavy duty vacuum for this purpose.
6. Vacuum places the entire system under negative pressure and removes all the dust particles.
7. After the system is clean apply the EPA registered air duct sanitizer.
8. After this procedure is complete screw all the vent covers.

Why to clean air ducts?

• Cleaning of air ducts increases the energy efficiency.
• As per the guidelines of NADCA (national air duct cleaners association) around 40 pounds of dust and dirt gets collected in ducts.
• Cleaning of the air ducts improves the indoor air quality.
• Regular cleaning of the air ducts increases its life span.
• Cleaning of the ducts is the best way to ensures that air in your house is clean.






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