How To Add Refrigerant To Hvac System?

 Low refrigerant is one of the most common problems in your hvac system. Low refrigerant can cause even a major damage to your system. So to avoid any problem refrigerant should be charged on time.

Following steps should be followed to add refrigerant to your system.

 Step 1: cleaning your system

• Before adding refrigerant in your system check your system and clean it properly.
• Replace your air filters if they are dirty.
• Clean the coils of your air conditioning system.
• Clean your air handler unit and remove the dirt present inside your system.
• Check your unit completely.

Step 2: finding the refrigerant

It is necessary to find the type of refrigerant present inside your unit and finding that refrigerant. To be sure look at the label that specifies which type of refrigerant is required. Most commonly used ones are R22 and R410.

 Step 3: cut the power supply

• Turn off your air conditioning unit from the thermostat to cut the power supply.
• Remove the switch of the outside unit from the circuit or turn off the circuit.

Step 4: take the readings

• To check the leaks in your system use temperature gauges.
• Attach the temperature gauges to the valves of your hvac system and for 15 minutes so that the system could stabilize.
• Blue hose is attached to the low pressure side and red gauge is attached to the high pressure side.
• If the blue gauge falls your system needs to be recharged.
• If the temperature is around 45OF there isn’t any problem in your system.
• If your system has a site glass look inside the glass if you see bubbles mixed with liquid you have to charge your system.
• Fully charged unit is free of bubbles.
• Check for the leaks if you find any leak then fix it before adding refrigerant to your system.

 Step 5: charging your system

• To recharge your air conditioner, reconnect the gauges to the system and connect your Freon container to the gauges using various hoses.
• Low pressure or blue hose is attached to suction line.
• High pressure or red hose is attached to the liquid line.
• Release the valves and allow the refrigerant to circulate in the system.
• Add the refrigerant slowly provide the gap of 5-10 minutes to get the clear readings and for the system to stabilize.
• If you think sufficient amount of refrigerant is added inside the unit start the unit for checking the system.
• If the rooms are cooling properly remove the hose and the gauges.




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