How Do I Know If My Condenser Has A Bad Fan Motor?

 Motor fan present inside the condenser moves the air present near the condensing coil outside the unit. The heat is transferred outside which allows the refrigerant to convert from gaseous to liquid state. If the condenser motor is running you will hear the noise and feel the warm air coming outside the unit.

Symptoms of a bad motor

• If the condenser is getting the electrical power and the motor is starting up properly only the fan is not moving than the motor might be overheated.
• If the fan is not moving when the power is supplied but moves easily with a stick when the power is off, you may have a worn fan motor shaft bearing.
• If the fan is making noise while working than there is chance of bad fan bearing.
• Check the voltage of the motor, if the motor is receiving correct voltage but still does not work than there might be a bad capacitor.
• If the fan is not moving when you turn on the power and it starts spinning after you pushed it with stick and the room is cooling properly than there might be a problem in the start up capacitor of the fan motor.

 • If the outdoor fan is not running at all there might be some problems like lack of power supply, disconnected wires or possibly a frozen motor.
• If there is a voltage problem in the condenser the fan will ran at a low speed.
• If there is not voltage problem and still fan is moving quite slow it might be because of failure of start up capacitor of fan motor.
• If winding of the motor appears to be 0 ohm then your motor winding is shorted.
• If the windings and bearings of the motor appear to be burned then your motor is over heated.
• If your room is not cooling properly or temperature is high, it might be because condenser is not been able to transfer the heat outside because of the bad fan motor.

If there are any problems you may have to change the required parts of the fan motor or replace the entire motor.





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