How Do I Ensure Maximum Air Flow From My Hvac System?

 When the air flows through the system it faces certain obstacles. The obstacles arise in the air flow due to various reasons. It can be dirty air filters, clogged or frozen coils of outdoor unit. If the air flow is reduced air conditioner reduces its energy efficiency and results in various problems. These problems include dirty air filters, dirty coils, improper ventilation of ducts, etc.

 To ensure maximum air flow following steps should be taken

1. Cleaning and Repairing air ducts

Ducts are the sources through which air reaches the house. If ducts are leaky they will result in recued air flow. Sealing the joints of the air ducts and repairing the leaks with the sealant will bring a noticeable change in the increasing air flow inside the system.

2. Replacing air filters

A dirty air filters is one of the most common reasons for the reduced air flow inside the house. You must replace your air filters every month or every three months. A clean air filter will ensure the maximum air flow.

 3. Cleaning the air vents

Dirt and dust get accumulated inside the supply vents of the system. Removing the vent covers, cleaning the removing the vent covers, cleaning the vent screen will help in increasing the air flow.

4. Same size ducts.

The cross sectional areas of the supply ducts and return ducts at the furnace or air handler should be about the same size to ensure maximum airflow.

5. Cleaning the fan blower

Inside the air conditioner there is blower motor which circulates the air. Over the time dirt and dust gets collected inside the motor. By cleaning the fan blower on motor on annual basis you can increase the air flow.

6. Charging the refrigerant

Refrigerant acts as the medium to transfer heat inside the system. If the refrigerant is low the heat will not transfer properly and result in reduced air flow. By charging the refrigerant and fixing the leak maximum air flow can be ensured.

7. Proper maintenance

Yearly maintenance of your HVAC unit will help in avoiding the problems and ensures maximum efficiency and proper air flow inside the house.




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