How Do I Confirm My Hvac System Is Low On Refrigerant ?

 Refrigerant is a medium of transferring heat from one part of the system to other part of the system. Refrigerant transfers heat from inside to outside to cool the room during summer and the process is reversed during the winter to warm the inside place. Refrigerant passes through a closed loop it is subjected to high pressure and it keeps on changing from liquid to gaseous state to transfer the heat.

If there is not enough refrigerant present inside your system then AC will not be able to cool the room properly which will make your room and will consume large amount of energy here are the symptoms which will help you to know that your system is low on refrigerant.

1. Takes more time to cool

It will take longer time to cool the room if your air conditioning system is low on refrigerant than. As the refrigerant is low it will take lot more time to absorb heat from inside and transfer it outside the house.

2. Frozen coils

With the reducing amount of refrigerant the temperature of the air conditioner coils start falling down. Coils will start to freeze if the temperature of the coil starts falling below the normal operating temperature than coil will start to freeze.

 3. Warm air coming from supply vents

When the amount of refrigerant is extremely low, supply vents of the air conditioner will start blowing warm air.

4. Reduced energy efficiency

Frost on the coils makes your HVAC unit work harder to do its job. The frozen coils act as a wall between the remaining refrigerant and outside air, so more energy is required to transfer the heat outside and takes larger time to cool the room.

5. Damaged compressor motor

If the amount of refrigerant too less it will make the compressor work harder to meet the cooling demands. As a result compressor motor is under high amount of pressure and starts overheating. Refrigerant also helps in cooling the motor present inside the compressor.

 6. Wet areas near hose

Your unit could be low on refrigerant because of refrigerant leak if you find any wet area near your hose connection it means that refrigerant of your unit is leaking call a professional to fix this problem.
Leaks usually occur around piping connections and valves and can be easily repaired.

7. Leaking evaporator coils

If your evaporator coil is leaking, it might be the refrigerant of your system. Leaks in the coils are most difficult to fix and often can’t be fixed you might have to change your coil.




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