Ho To Determine I Have A Bad Control Board In Air Handler Or A Furnace?

 Ho to determine I have a bad control board in air handler or a furnace?

Control board is the heart of the furnace there could be various reasons which can cause the circuit board to fail. Most of the controls have built in diagnostic indicators. These are normally led lights that operate in flashes to indicate the problem.

If your control switch is bad it might lead to following problems

• Control board is not giving any response to the thermostats signals. Thermostat is sending commands to the control board but because the wires are not connected or panel is burned. In this situation entire circuit board should be changed to keep the furnace or air handler working.

• The timer is present inside the control board controls the functioning of the burner or the air handler. If the timer has stopped so even if there are no problems in your furnace it will not turn on. If your furnace is not working even when it is completely ok there is problem in the timer present inside the circuit board.

 • If your control board timer is not transferring the signals properly there might be some problem inside it then the relay switches or pressure switches might have failed.

• Sensors which are present inside the thermostat perform the work of stopping the furnace if the inside temperature is too high. So if your furnace is not stopping even when the room is totally then sensors of the circuit board might have failed.

• A light is fixed on the furnace circuit board to indicate any problem inside the furnace. Of the light is not working than there might be a problem inside your circuit board.





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