Heat Pump Thermostat

 A heat pump is a central heating and a cooling system, which makes use of the outside air to heat the place during summer and makes it cool during the summer. It is known as heat pump as the heat is pumped outside the home during the summer and pulled inside during the winter .thermostat is a switch. It turns the heat pump on or off based on a set temperature.

 Working of a heat pump thermostat

Working of the heat pump is quite simple it works as the transporter, based on the temperature it transports heat either inside or outside the room. Type of heat pumps may be different but all of them perform the same work i.e. to transfer the heat. In normal condition heat travels from high temperature to the low temperature, heat pump reverse this process by making use of the small amount of the energy.

 Refrigerant a special liquid circulates between the indoor and the outdoor units. Compressor pressurizes this liquid and circulates it within the system. Most of the times heat is transported using the heating or the cooling system, air can be used to transfer the heat but it becomes impractical under many circumstances as large ducts are required to transfer relatively small amount of heat. So refrigerant can also be used to transfer the heat to a considerable distance.

Heat pump comprises of the two parts, One of them “Air handler” which is placed inside the house which looks like the gas furnace, while the other part which is placed outside the house contains the compressor and looks like the central air conditioner.

 During summer thermostat has to turn on the air conditioner and during the winter has to turn on the compressor, the indoor blower, the outdoor fan and put the reversing valve in the heating mode

Working of air conditioner and heat pump is similar, only difference is that it can also be used to pull the air inside the house during winter.




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