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Blog Title: What are the ways to lower air conditioning bills in your home?
What are the ways to lower air conditioning bills in your home?
Category: Geothermal Heat And Air Systems Post By: KENNETH W (Fresno, CA), 10/25/2016

"Along with the comfort of air conditioners comes a dear price. This is because air conditioners are appliances that use a considerable amount of electricity which in turn shoots up the monthly electricity bills of a household. However, there is not much reason to worry as there are ways that will help homeowners to keep their monthly electricity bills low.They are the following:First of all, any existing leaks of the home should be sealed. This is important because through leaks the cold air of the air conditioner might escape. The result is longer time and more strain on the AC unit to cool a home. This in turn will bring about higher consumption of electricity and shoots up electricity bills as well.It is a good idea to service the air conditioner at regular intervals. This will help in detecting the problems of the air conditioning unit well in advance. Consequently, the AC need not work hard to compensate for the malfunctioning part and the electricity bills also do not go up.The air filters of an air conditioning unit should be changed at regular intervals to prevent restricted airflow and extra strain on the unit.It is recommended to use programmable thermostat so that the temperatures can be adjusted as per requirement and the air conditioner does not cycle on and off unnecessarily.Lastly, upgrading to a new unit every ten or fifteen years is a recommended thing to do to have access to the latest technologies and hence one can stay away from an old system which might contribute to high electricity bills. "

- BRIAN A (Kansas City, MO), 10/26/2016
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