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Blog Title: What are the differences between an air cooler and an air conditioner?
What are the differences between an air cooler and an air conditioner?
Category: Window Air Conditioner Service Post By: WILLIAM W (Colorado Springs, CO), 10/27/2016

"Both air coolers and air conditioners are used for the purpose of cooling the environment within the two. But there are significant differences between the two appliances. First of all, the difference lies in the way they operate. Air coolers use air and hot water to cool the rooms while the air conditioners uses a compressor like the one used in the refrigerator to cool the rooms.Air coolers work better in weather conditions where the climate is hot and dry and they are not of much use where the climate has higher amounts of humidity. On the other hand air conditioners work well in all weather conditions. As air coolers add humidity to the air, it is a well-suited option for the winter season.The energy efficiency of air coolers is lot more than that of air conditioners because air coolers use very less amount of electricity. This becomes possible as in air coolers most of the cooling takes place naturally and only little energy are required to create the cold air. On the other hand, lot of energy is required for the operation of the air conditioners. The result is air conditioners contribute to high electricity bills.Air coolers can be flexibly installed both inside and outside the home while the air conditioner has to be installed either on the window or on the wall.Effect of air coolers on the environment is none while the refrigerant used in the air conditioner has ozone depleting properties.Lastly, the price of air conditioners is a lot more than that of air coolers."

- ROBERT F (Virginia Beach, VA), 10/28/2016
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