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Blog Title: How does a solar air conditioner function?
How does a solar air conditioner function?
Category: Geothermal Heat And Air Systems Post By: SARAH J (Seattle, WA), 10/26/2016

"The basic principle behind solar air conditioners is the use of sun’s energy for operation. Hence, there lies the main difference of solar air conditioners with other kinds of cooling appliances. The principle followed in a solar air conditioner is that of conventional air conditioning where the process of refrigeration takes place as a result of phase transition of the refrigerant. In a solar air conditioner, the energy of the sun is captured using photovoltaic cells and then it is converted to DC energy which in turn is again converted to AC energy through an inverter box. Once the process of conversion has taken place, the energy created can be easily wired into a home’s electrical box for further use.The two main types of air conditioners are the hybrid-powered air conditioners and the absorption chiller. In a hybrid powered air conditioner, the sun’s energy is captured using solar panels and then the energy is used to power the air conditioners of your home. On the other hand in case of absorption chillers, the process of absorption is used and water is used to transfer heat into the homes and thereby cooling the inside of the homes in turn. The absorption chillers effectively cool the rooms without the use of refrigerant or electricity."

- MELISSA H (New York, NY), 10/27/2016
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